Campaign: “On Going Home” 2021 Thematic Exhibition
Client: VR Film Lab
Work: Illustration, Key Visual Design
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Year: 2021


▸▸ 本特展主視覺插畫獲美國3X3國際當代插畫大獎No.18|專業組海報類佳作獎

 ——— #往家路上 𝟒.𝟐—𝟓.𝟑𝟏



When I firstly put on a VR headset, there is an infinite blackness with floating symbols in front of me. I’m deeply inspired that I want to create a key visual portraying people explore another space-time to find home in the depth of their hearts.

The clouds can be seen as the VR headset; the black hole with fragments and items appearing at 9 VR films is a virtual space which awaits us to enter. In terms of the characters, I design three postures to represent different tenses, which are “haven’t departed”,“departing”and “have departed”. The viewers can find them in the image from the near to the distant, feeling an ongoing quest is happening.

Regarding the shadows, I believe that the shadows are the projections of our thoughts. Therefore I visualized the memories or the anticipations towards home as the shape of a key. Imaging we take it with us all the time, as long as we are willing to depart, we can across the barrier, then step on the road to search for “home”.