Client: Haven Books 避風港文化
Work: Bookcover Design, Printing
Year: 2019


紙材|巨圓紙業 大地之戀  

While I visualized the imagery of ‘faltering’ from a graphic point of view, I imaged the stroke in the right bottom of ’畸’ as a leg with a shoe. Furthermore, I intended this stroke much longer to make it seem like a road, having a hidden meaning of a journey. Then a little-scaled symbol ‘行’, which means walking, was put on the end of a road, showing that the author moves slowly but firmly from the start to the stop.

To communicate the idea of walking awkwardly, I used my left hand to write down these two characters, which trembled but full of liveliness. As regards the book jacket, I especially chose the paper with wheat straws that people could easily feel the texture. In order to highlight the handwritten typography, I used the screen printing presenting this full black key visual.